Install booz on your PC
Install bijama on your PC
Compiling and linking
Booz software suite

MAchine Learning and Interactive Systems

  by Frezza-Buet Herve


This library is an upgrade of the obsolete bijama cortical network designing library. It is now grounded on booz rather than on grumpf.


Use these libraries to set up a cortical network on the Intercell cluster.
- bijama-boozin is for common stuff and client utilities. This doesn’t require parXXL.
- booz-gui is some graphical interfaces for bijama-booz. This doesn’t require parXXL.
- bijama-booz is the library itself, allowing to design your cortical network. This is actually based on ParXXL.


Doxygen docs for both libraries are here

Snapshots and movies

The movies are generated from the library examples.

- This shows the behavior of the BINP network by Lucian Alecu, when input is only low noise and when input is made of bumps.
- This shows joint competition driven by BINP and driven by LIAF.

How to

Once the software are installed you can run examples on your computer. First, on a terminal, start the server like this (we make the server run on your workstation, see booz for intercell related commands).

/usr/parxxl/bin/parXXLrun  /usr/bin/bijama-booz-example-010-joint-competition —np 4 —logfile -  -o-

In another terminal on your workstation, type

booz-wait-alive localhost 10000 verbose ; bijama-boozin-example-010-client localhost 10000 30 & booz-gui-controller localhost 10000 & bijama-booz-3D-viewer localhost 10000 /usr/share/bijama-booz-gui-examples/example-011.3Dconfig &

Have a look at the files in /usr/share/bijama-booz-examples directory.