Install booz on your PC
Install bijama on your PC
Compiling and linking
Booz software suite

MAchine Learning and Interactive Systems

Booz software suite
  by Frezza-Buet Herve


In the project, fine grain computing is provided by parXXL, and I add another layer over it ; for interactive cellular autamata.


Use these libraries to set up fine grain cellular automata on the Intercell cluster.
- boozin is some usefull template-based utility. This doesn’t require parXXL.
- booz-network is some other template-based utility for cummunication. This doesn’t require parXXL.
- booz-gui is some graphical interfaces for booz. This doesn’t require parXXL.
- booz is the library itself, allowing to design your cellular automata. This is actually based on ParXXL.


Doxygen docs for both libraries are here

Snapshots and movies

These are a 2D movie and a 3D movie generated from the "water" booz tutorial.

How to

Once the software are installed you can run an elementary example (water) on your computer. First, on a terminal, start the server like this

/usr/parxxl/bin/parXXLrun  /usr/bin/booz-example-tutorial-003-water —np 4 —logfile -  -o-

or like this, if you are on an oar-managed cluster

oarsub -l nodes=4 -I
cat $OAR_NODEFILE > machines.txt
parXXLrun -np 4 —runtime mpi -machinefile machines.txt —logfile - —scheduler oar   /usr/bin/booz-example-tutorial-003-water -o- 

In another terminal on your workstation, type

booz-gui-controller localhost 10000 &
booz-gui-3D-hypercube-viewer localhost 10000 /usr/share/booz-gui-1.0/Water.config &
booz-example-tutorial-003-splash localhost 10000 1

Have a look at *.config files in /usr/share/booz-gui-1.0 directory.