author = {Mathieu Lauffer and Frédéric Genty and Samuel Margueron and Jean-Luc Collette and Jean-Claude Pihan},
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doi = {10.1117/12.2185055},
abstract = {Blooming of algae and more generally phytoplankton in water ponds or marine environments can lead to hyper eutrophication and lethal consequences on other organisms. The selective recognition of invading species is investigated by automatic recognition algorithms of optical and fluorescence imaging. On one hand, morphological characteristics of algae of microscopic imaging are treated. The image processing lead to the identification the genus of aquatic organisms and compared to a morphologic data base. On the other hand, fluorescence images allow an automatic recognition based on multispectral data that identify locally the ratio of different photosynthetic pigments and gives a unique finger print of algae. It is shown that the combination of both methods are useful in the recognition of aquatic organisms.}