author = {Stéphane Rossignol and MANUEL DAVY},
title = {Détection de ruptures à l'aide des SVM 1 classe pour la segmentation des signaux sonores musicaux},
journal = {GRETSI},
year = {2007},
booktitle = {XXIème colloque GRETSI, Troyes (France)},
pages = {165-168},
month = {September},
abstract = {We deal with segmentation into note and/or into phone (according to the nature of the sound: instrumental part or singing voice excerpt or speech) or more generally into ``stable'' parts. There should have no restriction (see [9]) on the signal to be segmented: the sound can be monophonic music, but it can also be speech or polyphonic music; it can be harmonic or inharmonic (castanets or drums for example); fast notes (less than 100 milliseconds duration for example) and vibrato should be taken into account. The system presented in [2] and [6] was a work in progress towards this goal. The segmentation and feature extraction system described here is another step towards the more general system. It aims also to improve the robustness of the system described in [2] and [6].}